The Real Estate Long Game (3 Strategies for long term business growth)

Dated: 05/23/2019

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Lead Generation can be tough, and often times, I've found that agents give up on their efforts JUST BEFORE they're about to have success.

For a little bit of background, before I started selling Real Estate, I had a background in manufacturing, and training people to assemble and paint vehicles for a large company. One of the biggest "Aha's" I learned, was that, as easy as a job or task can look for someone who's experienced, more often than not, there is a definite learning curve and perserverance involved to make our day to day flow smoothly, and get consistent, high quality results.

Fast forward to today, as an Owner of a Brokerage and Team, one of the most important things that I've learned about Realtors is that, new Agents are often looking for immediate results, and if every lead they receive doesn't respond or transact immediately, the enthusiasm for follow up, and reaching out can drop quickly.

With that in mind, I have 3 strategies that I've found to be helpful, especially when your phone weighs 500lbs (think about that one for a hot minute ;) )

1) Book Consistent, early day, Lead Generation activities

Think about it... would you prefer to have a task hanging over your head all day... one that maybe isn't your favourite?  Let's get those 1-2 hours of Lead Generation and follow up calls out of the way, so we can get on with our favourite parts of Real Estate, or hobbies outside of our business

2) Have an Accountability Partner!

This person is not your friend. You DO NOT want to be chatty with them. The person you're looking for is goal driven, and also wants to achieve big things with their business.  Share your goals, and why they're important to you, so your partner can make sure you stay on task to achieve those goals!

3) Book your time off!

Wait, what??  Don't forget, we're not robots (most of us, I think), and we get bored, distracted, and worn down.  You NEED to take time to refresh, and get excited about your results, or retool your methods to improve your conversion rates. Make sure this is in your schedule as well. It's just as important as doing the Lead Generation activity, because, if you're low energy with your contacts, they're going to feel that on their end.  Stay enthusiastic, and your clients will be too! 

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Gerald Holland

Gerald comes from a systems based background, and it shows in his work with clients. Extremely organized and high-performing, Gerald has been a National Award Winning Realtor at the Single Agent, Tea....

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