Best elementary schools in Waterloo Region and Guelph rated 8 and above.

Dated: October 16 2020

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During the interview with potential buyers there is a question about location. Many times I hear the same request: "I want to live close to a good school!". This comes from families with small kids that are either already in school or about to start JK.

The Fraser Institute — a Canadian independent research and education organization — reviews elementary schools across the province, ranking them according to Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) test scores administered to Grade 3 and 6 students. The number is based on a 10-point scale that ranks scores in reading, writing and math for both Grade 3 and Grade 6 test results.  

EQAO results are not intended to be used for the purpose of ranking schools. They are, instead, intended to inform school and board staff in identifying areas for improvement of student learning and achievement in reading, writing and math. Although there might be questions whether this is a fair way of comparing school, truth is that houses in the neighbourhood of the top ranked schools are of high appreciation.

In order to make it easier to search for houses here you can find details about the schools and links to help you find properties in those areas.

Search for properties in Laurelwood/Columbia Forest.

Search for properties in East Bridge.

Search for properties in the area of St Teresa school in Kitchener.

Search for properties in the area of Sir Isaac Brock in Guelph.

School Name







LaurelwoodPublicWaterlooLaurelwood609.1Click here
Abraham ErbPublicWaterlooColumbia Forest838.9Click here
St LukeCatholicWaterlooEast Bridge1498.5Click here
St NicholasCatholicWaterlooLaurelwood1698.4Click here
St TeresaCatholicKitchenerNorthward2288.2Click here
Millen WoodsPublicWaterlooEast Bridge3018.0Click here
Sir Isaac BrockPublicGuelphPineridge3018.0Click here

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