A pandemic message to my friends, clients and colleagues

Dated: 04/24/2020

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I know you are expecting me to talk Real Estate.

Not this time. 

What I'm reaching out for this time, is quite simply to stay connected. We all need to feel connected right now. 

How are you managing under quarantine?

For me, It's been a juggle. A juggle between remaining working as an essential service, while trying to help educate our daughter at home as our education system accommodates a challenging task of still providing some kind of curriculum. Time managing the time with the family we have housed within our residence. 

I've tried to help out neighbours, and parents, and seniors by providing porch drops and community messages to our neighbourhood retirement home. I felt the focus now more than anything was helping. No questions asked. 

There have been days, where it would have been just as easy to lay on a couch and watch movies all day. If you do have a chance to do that, do it now while life has slowed down. Life will get busy again. 

We as a family, have played virtual bingo, painting, board games, escape rooms, crafting, and timed on screen moments with friend and family for virtual drinks. 

We've seen the good and the not so good in people. I'm amazed at the willingness to help but disappointed on the selfishness of some. Humanity has its challenges and it has been truly revealed through this pandemic. 

I hope you're ok, safe and healthy. I hope that you are staying connected. We all need connection as humans. I hope you get to read at least one full novel through this time. 

If you need to reach out to chat - about anything - call, message, email or text me. I'm an extrovert, so when this is over.. expect a hug beyond a handshake if possible. 

We will and are flattening the curve, we will clink wine glasses again, we'll be in warm weather when this is over. 

We will talk real estate when you need to talk real estate. You may decide a change is required or a fresh start, when you've seen the same walls for so many weeks. 

For now, stay safe and healthy, be patient and kind to each other. Be kind to those that are essential services. Remember this time, it will change all of us. Help those that are struggling with lost jobs, loss to this virus, distant from family and mentally tired. Enjoy that the kids are home now...one day they will be far from home. 

Keep connected however you can with your elderly parents, they likely feel the most scared and lonely right now. 

A drink on my dime, when we can stand around the same kitchen counter, or sit around the cottage fire, or meet at a coffee shop again. 


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