7 Tips for Stress-free Downsizing

Dated: July 22 2021

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7 Tips for Stress-free Downsizing

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When I work with clients who are downsizing to a smaller home, one of the most burdensome chores they face is letting go of sentimental belongings they no longer have room for. Souvenirs collected during travels, family heirlooms, and your children's keepsakes can be pretty stressful to part with. It doesn't matter whether the items have monetary value or not. In fact, often, the most difficult things to let go of are worthless in terms of money but priceless in sentimental value.

Here are 7 tips to help you part with belongings you are attached to but no longer want to keep.

1. Our possessions are not our memories

Remember that our memories reside within us, not within our possessions. Psychologists say that letting go of sentimental items can be highly therapeutic. When we keep things, the items occupy both physical and mental space in our lives. It's healthier to focus on your memories and not the items that represent your memories.

2. Focus on the present

Letting go also helps to bring your focus to the present. Sometimes things are continual reminders of the past and hold us back from living in the present. Dwelling in the past can make one more prone to depression and can affect our ability to deal with stressful situations in our lives. Realize that while we can always cherish our memories, we don't need the past to be happy in the present.

3. Let go of guilt

People often hold onto an item they don't want or need because someone special gave it to them or it represents a special person. Learn to let go of the guilt associated with getting rid of gifts you can't use. Appreciate the thoughtfulness of the giver or the special memory it represents but pass the item on to someone who can use it or donate it to charity.

4. Don't save it for your grown children

Times have changed, and today more young adults can afford to buy their own furnishings. And they aren't as sentimental about family heirlooms as prior generations were. Talk to your kids now and find out if you are holding onto your china, crystal, and silver tea service for nothing.

5. Compromise with your spouse

It's not uncommon for one spouse to resent the others' favourite belongings while holding onto their own unique belongings. It's important to recognize that, while you may not understand your husband's need to keep a ball cap for every MLB team he's seen play, he may feel the same way about his hats that you do about keeping every book you have read. Decide together on a reasonable number to keep.

6. Start with the easy stuff

If you have many belongings to sort through, start with the easier decisions and work from there. Often people find that once they get some momentum going, it feels good to let go.

7. Write a family memoir

Hold onto your memories with words instead of things by writing your memoir or your family's story. Writing your story can be very therapeutic and can help you release your hold on tangible items. 

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