Pass Me a Coffee. I Want to Dance Like a Goat!

Dated: June 10 2021

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Pass Me a Coffee. I Want to Dance Like a Goat!

Legend has it that coffee was discovered by a goat in Ethiopia. The most popular origin story of the beloved bean starts with Kaldi and his goats in 700 AD. Kaldi, a goat herder stumbled on his goats acting quite strange.

They were dancing. This definitely wasn’t normal. He discovered that they were eating red berries and concluded that this fruit was the cause of this odd behavior. After stumbling upon this magic fruit, he shared his findings with a monk, who was ecstatic to find something that would help him stay awake all night as he prayed.

Burlington's Best Coffee

There are plenty of places in Burlington to grab a cup of joe. Aside from all our favourite brand loyal drive-thrus, what if you were missing out on possibly Burlington's best coffee?

Tamp Coffee Company is an independent specialty coffee bar operated by owner and barista, Jimmy Zereneh.

We have an insatiable passion for coffee, paying attention to the smallest detail in coffee brewing, and a love to educate others about the world of coffee.

It takes a barista at heart, like Jimmy, to brew up an Americano that serial coffee consumers can appreciate. Serving up an expresso that has "regulars" line up on the weekends, comes from working with local (gta) roasters. Add in some sweet treats and...... bamb!?

We all have those days, we just need that special cup of coffee to get going....but we just don't want to leave the comfort of our jammies. For those kind of days, Tamp has you covered. Make sure to pick up a home brew pack for those stay at home days.

Tamp Coffee Company has not one, but two locations: 480 Brant Street and 2049 Pine Street. For hours of operation check out their website:



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