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Things to look for before making an offer

Found the right home? Once you have narrowed properties down to the one you want, there are a few steps you should take before putting in an offer. If possible, go back for another visit. This

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Buying or Selling First? Which one makes sense for you.

The home ownership journey is different for everyone, and whether to buy or sell first depends on your unique circumstances. In Ontario’s evolving real estate markets, it is important to

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Who doesn't love Friday?

We love Fridays!! We train tech on Friday's at 11:00am!Here is an example of what types of training we do! We will take any program and show you how to use it and give you tips and tricks on how to

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It's cold out there

Hey! it's cold out there! Do you have everything you need to do a showing in the winter weather? Have you been taught all the hacks to make sure no matter where you are you have everything you??

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